[DRAFT PROPOSAL] QPIP-2 : Implementing a Maximum Cap per Wallet for Each QPIP Vote

Draft proposal: Implementing a Maximum Cap of 5 million QRDO Tokens per Wallet for Each QPIP Vote


With the ongoing growth and development of the Qredo Protocol, we recognize the importance of creating a secure and fair system for community decision-making. This discussion aims to introduce a maximum cap of five million QRDO tokens per wallet for each vote in the QPIP governance process and could be implemented through a QPIP-2 (for example). This measure is designed to ensure that no single entity or wallet can exert disproportionate influence over the decision-making process, promoting decentralization and fairness within the Qredo community. This draft proposal is based on community feedback.


The primary motivation behind this draft proposal, for it to get the backing of the community, is to safeguard the principles of decentralization and fairness within our community.

  • By implementing a maximum cap for the number of QRDO tokens that can be used for voting in the QPIP governance process, we aim to prevent any individual or entity from monopolizing decision-making power.
  • This measure will encourage broader participation and ensure that the Qredo community’s interests are adequately represented in the decision-making process.


The discussion would aim at implementing the following key points:

  1. Maximum Cap: Implement a maximum cap of five million QRDO tokens per wallet for each vote in the QPIP governance process. This means that no wallet can use more than five million QRDO tokens for voting on any proposal within the QPIP framework.
  2. Ensuring Fairness: By imposing this maximum cap, we aim to create a level playing-field where all community members, regardless of the size of their holdings, have an equal opportunity to influence decisions. This measure promotes fairness and discourages centralization of power.
  3. Community Feedback: We encourage community members to provide feedback and insights on this proposal during the discussion period. Your input is valuable in shaping the future of QPIP governance.


The implementation of a maximum cap of five million QRDO tokens per wallet for each QPIP vote, as outlined in this discussion – or proposed QPIP-2 – is a significant step toward ensuring a democratic and decentralized decision-making process within the Qredo community. We believe that this measure will enhance transparency, fairness, and the overall governance experience for all token holders. Your support for this proposal is crucial in achieving our shared vision of a community-driven and inclusive ecosystem. Together, we can strengthen the principles of decentralization and fairness that underpin the Qredo Protocol.


Make it 1 million instead otherwise this does not make much sense.


You guys need to :

1)Drop Amount of total coins from 2b to below 1 billion
2)Need to pull back team and ceo reserved coins to below %1 and for being transparent to coin society all team and ceo token addresses must be announced in twitter,telegram and webpage for checking sales from explorer.
3)Need to gain trust again and more useful updates for qrdo.

One vote per wallet independent of the amount in the wallet.

Can big accounts just create multiple voting wallets?

I agree with 1 million qrdo being the limit at the current price

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1 million feels sensible

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I would say 2 Millions. The same amount to create a Node

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1M cap. Anything bigger doesn’t make sense at all. Plus label all team wallets so they’re trackable.

Also, up the protocol tx fee to 4-5 QRDO at least.

And as an attempt to regain the community’s trust → lock all team wallets till QRDO turns deflationary.

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So far, we got some feedback for possibly:

  • 2 Million Max Cap
  • 1 Million Max Cap
  • 500k Max Cap
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I’d like to see a confirmed % of tipped fees into protocol going forward too


This is an interesting post. Don’t think all team… But everyone knows Satoshis wallet. Everyone knows Vitaliks. The big man should be transparent I agree

100% agree

I think with the token at 4c, and the fact that a validator node is 2m, I think it only fair validators will get to vote. So a cap of 2m is correct IMO. If not, many of the community who hold 1m+ tokens will be unable to vote and that’s not right as arguably we have been to most engaged, supportive and influential token holders.
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Actually we need to think all team ,because community already blacklist qrdo because of team sells,all team+ceo wallets must be transperant.if you guys willmake same mistakes again no one will buy big amount for staking even whales will not trust.Reason is after they buy team continuesly selling ,all crypto community beleives from start team+ceo dont care about prices.total 5-6 replies per posts in offical qrdo twitter.you guys need to regain trust of crypto community.Or we will see more lows,money will enter temp till you guys figure it out how you need to gain trust again.And another thing only crew or ceo accounts replying about something at qrdo talks mostly.Most of the people already figure it out.be transperant and burn at least 1 billion tokens for saving qrdo nothing more.

Based on the engagement and the feedback, this proposal is frozen for now. It might be back on the agenda later.