[FINAL] QPIP-7 - Incentivising DEX Liquidity


  • Proposal to boost liquidity on decentralized exchanges, focusing on QRDO/ETH pair.
  • Strategy involves incentivizing users to provide liquidity, obtain LP tokens, and stake them for rewards.
  • LP Rewards sourced from Ecosystem Fund (2M QRDO) to avoid impact on Staking Fund.
  • Proposal includes incentivizing community participation in voting with 200,000 QRDO from Public Goods.
  • Campaign planned with two 30-day events, backed by marketing targeting potential LP participants. (marketing budget from QPIP-6)
  • Aim to close discussions by 20/03 and open polls from 21/03 to 22/03.

Dear QRDO Community,

As we’ve observed in recent months, our efforts to enhance liquidity on centralized exchanges have successfully met the growing demand and supply, resulting in increased trading volumes across major platforms due to the latest news and activities.

The introduction of incentivized governance and airdrops has achieved two primary goals: bolstering governance participation and increasing the number of tokens locked in staking.


With this proposal, we aim to accomplish two key objectives:

  1. Boost liquidity on decentralized exchanges.
  2. Increase locked tokens outside of Qredo platform.


  • Proposal aims to enhance liquidity on decentralized exchanges, focusing on QRDO/ETH pair.
  • Strategy involves incentivizing users to provide liquidity and stake LP tokens for rewards.
  • Two 30-day events planned with marketing support to attract new participants.
  • Rewards sourced from Ecosystem Fund (2M QRDO);
  • Community participation incentivized with QRDO tokens from Public Goods (200k QRDO)

We’ve opted for the QRDO/ETH pool over QRDO/USDC to minimize the risk of impermanent loss for those participating.

Our strategy involves launching a campaign that encourages users to provide liquidity, obtain LP tokens, and then stake these LP tokens for additional rewards on the designated platform described on the final proposal. These rewards are designed to be higher than current staking rewards offered on qredo.network, offsetting any potential impermanent loss and attracting new users to purchase QRDO and contribute to liquidity.

This campaign is planned to consist of two 30-day events, accompanied by a marketing campaign targeting potential LP participants through key opinion leaders. The budget for the marketing effort will be allocated from the previously set aside QPIP-6 marketing funds and will still depend on the final allocation of resources and timing.

The rewards will be sourced from the Ecosystem Fund, ensuring no impact on the Staking Fund.

Additionally, we propose incentivizing community participation with 200,000 QRDO from Public Goods for those who participate in voting.

We are eager to engage with the community on several discussion points:

  • Selection of the decentralized exchange (DEX) to activate the pool (e.g., Uniswap, SushiSwap)
  • The total allocation for this campaign from the Ecosystem Fund (proposing 2M QRDO)
  • The chosen protocol for staking LP tokens (options could include SushiSwap, Merkl, etc.)

We look forward to your input and discussions to refine and progress with this proposal ideally to close discussions by Wednesday 20/03 and open polls from 21/03 to 22/03.


What are the DEX options available? Uni makes most sense to me.


Good shout, I’ll support this proposal.

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Any chance of getting futures trading back once trading volume and liquidity increases?

I know most of the big traders prefer futures to spot trading

I think we could reconsider futures, but will always depend on exchanges. High volatility and low volume wasn’t the best option some months ago, and risked users on venues. Worth revisiting.


IMO on the following order Uniswap, Sushi

Low liquidity on DEXs has been an issue for a while, so I am definitely in favour of incentives to improve this. I’m wondering if it would also be worth contacting the team at Beefy Finance who offer auto-compounding vaults for boosted LPs such as that being proposed.


Beefy is a great idea! Super in favour of having everything in one platform!


Is it really necessary to add QRDO/ETH when the token will be shifted to cosmos.
Would not it be better to do it after the shift to cosmos is done.

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Would you be able to think of a way to incentivize QRDO platform stakers that additionally utilize QRDO across various DeFi platforms (Uniswap, Sushiswap, Beefe, Dodo etc.) to further compound their staking rewards on the platform. An example could be a staking rewards multiplier (tier based) based on the position size and duration for participation in the selected DeFi protocol. That way you would incentivize both platform staking and DeFi participation.

Also, It would be great to clarify if the 200,000 QRDO from Public Goods are to be distributed among who participate in current (QPIP7) voting only.

Makes sense to me!

Perps hurt us for sure…but at these levels could be good

What DEXs are you thinking ofnl targetting?

If successful this would lower the float which would be positive to help counter the weekly vesting. I like the proposal

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Im in !!

As FC said, float is important and a must.

Lets do it !

Sounds like final step of a Ponzi scheme , to suck liquidity from retail. Hard No for this.

So Dan Tapiero and 10T Holdings are here to suck it all up and tarnish what he’s built ? Got it. @Dito

Getting on DEX is good

Uniswap ve pancekeswap iyidir bence de

English please brother. :slight_smile: @Tahsin

Increasing TVL is a good thing. Lets push for it. Cant wait to see the plan!