[APPROVED] QPIP-6 - Advancing QRDO's Future: Strategic Development and Marketing Reactivation for Token Ecosystem

Voting period Friday 8th March 12pm UTC / Sunday 10th March 12pm UTC

Snapshot Link: Here

Final Proposal:

As we reflect on the journey of QRDO, our beloved token, it’s clear that it has been the heartbeat of the Qredo Network, propelling us towards our vision of becoming the premier decentralized custody protocol. Despite facing challenges such as market fluctuations and concerns over token utility and supply, we’ve witnessed a remarkable transformation. The QRDO ecosystem is thriving, showcasing significant recent growth and future prospects for all token holders.

We’ve made considerable strides, notably through the massive reduction of token supply, alleviating concerns of market dilution, and enhancing QRDO’s utility as the origin token for groundbreaking projects like the Warden Protocol and Fusionchain. These developments not only secure a bright future for QRDO holders but have also catalyzed the rapid expansion of QRDO staking.

Yet, a pivotal question lingers: What lies ahead for QRDO?

We still believe that QRDO’s destiny is to advance the state of decentralized and open custody primitives. Rather than concentrating on a singular solution, we envision QRDO as the central element for a multitude of successful protocols, serving as both the relayer and as a universal gas token for custodians and key management solutions. This strategic shift promises to significantly boost QRDO’s utility and demand.

Our mission is more vital than ever: to power the future of open custody solutions. To realize this vision, we propose a strategic reallocation of ecosystem resources:


Expanded Marketing Strategies

Marketing Reactivation (15M QRDO): A detailed approach to reinvigorate the QRDO brand and community engagement through a multifaceted marketing strategy:

  • Rebranding Initiative: A comprehensive rebranding to reflect QRDO’s expanded vision and capabilities. This will include a new name, logo, brand messaging, and a user-friendly marketing website designed to clearly articulate the value proposition of the token to new and existing stakeholders.
  • Community Management and Engagement: Expanding our team of community managers and ambassadors to foster a vibrant, informed, and engaged community. This involves regular updates, educational content, and direct support to ensure our community feels valued and heard.
  • Collaboration with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs): Partnering with influential voices within the crypto space to educate and spread awareness about QRDO’s unique value proposition. These campaigns will leverage various channels, including social media platforms and crypto-focused forums, to reach a broad audience.
  • Exchange Partnerships and Campaigns: Initiating new campaigns on exchanges to increase QRDO’s visibility and trading activity. This includes trading competitions, buy-and-hold challenges, and other promotional activities designed to attract new users and investors. New listings will also require large allocations for marketing initiatives, which will probably require additional allocations.
  • Event Participation and Partnerships: Actively participating in key industry events to showcase QRDO’s advancements and forge strategic partnerships. These efforts will demonstrate our commitment to innovation and the growth of the decentralized finance ecosystem.
  • Media Partnerships and Public Relations: Launching targeted PR campaigns to maximize exposure across various media channels. This includes collaborating with media partners to produce compelling content that highlights QRDO’s developments and future plans.

Expanded Development Initiatives

Resilience Development Fund (15M QRDO): This fund is allocated to ensure QRDO becomes the backbone for a myriad of open custody solutions. Here’s how we plan to utilize this fund:

  • Protocol Development and Integration: Investment in the development of QRDO as the essential gas token and relayer for various decentralized custody solutions. This includes expanding its use beyond Qredo Network to support permissionless protocols like Warden Protocol and Fusionchain, enhancing QRDO’s utility and market demand.
  • Governance, Staking, and Vesting Infrastructure: Funding existing and establishing new, user-friendly governance mechanisms and infrastructures for staking to ensure QRDO holders have a voice in the ecosystem’s direction and can benefit from its growth.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Allocating funds for grants and incentives to prioritize integration with key third-party services, enhancing the QRDO ecosystem’s functionality and accessibility.
  • Infrastructure Expansion: Development of robust, scalable infrastructure to support the increased activity and ensure seamless operation across all interactions within the QRDO ecosystem.
  • Security Audits: Becoming the hub of open custody has its risks. Any development will be required to be properly audited by professional firms.

Since the initial discussions on the content of this QPIP, the requested allocation has decreased by 10M QRDO. The QRDO allocation will be utilised over time, according to the needs that arise in the coming months, rather than being deployed all at once. It’s important to note that the full amount may not be utilized. The actual deployment will depend on the pace at which we drive growth and development, which may necessitate the allocation of additional resources.

Through these expanded initiatives, our goal is to not only enhance the token utility and market presence, but also to cultivate a strong, vibrant community that supports and benefits from the wider ecosystem’s growth.

We also remind QRDO holders, that due to the successful approval of QPIP-5, there is an airdrop allocation of a total of 1M QRDO tokens to voting participants from QPIP-5/QPIP-6.

We are committed to transparency and collaboration, inviting all community members to engage with us as we embark on this exciting journey towards redefining the future of custody solutions with QRDO at the helm.


Very elaborate thought out and well presented proposal. In particular very keen to see this roadmap for marketing as well as a clear path that was uncertain before.

Also, reducing to 30m QRDO budget makes a lot of sense - based on recent price appreciation and the community comments on original QPIP5 PROPOSAL.

Let’s get this show in the road to a vote. Bull market is upon us and no rest for the wicked!

LFG father


I’ve no doubt there will be some concern about this proposal but think of the alternatives…

1.) seek funding via VCs…huge dilution…been there done that
2.) do nothing and carry on…no marketing, no advancement in utility
3.) let token die

We need to be realistic the proposal above makes a lot of sense and we need to allow QFL to push the project forward…we have seen more advancements in recent weeks than ever before

I will be voting yes on the basis of recent progress…it is completely evident that QFL want to make QRDO great again…well done team


Well articulated proposal - we really appreciate that. I think this is something we can all get behind


Nice detailed proposal, I like the confirmation that the tokens will only be used when needed and not a one-shot thing.
To support the foundation with the next steps I will vote yes on this proposal :handshake:t2:


Thank you for the detailed plan regarding unlocking and allocating funds; it’s a good starting point.

To truly regain trust from the community in terms of marketing and development, I have a few suggestions:

  • Allocate the 15M Marketing Reactivation Fund and 15M Resilience Development Fund, but initially keep them locked.
  • Before unlocking funds for any plan within both funds, initiate a discussion on this forum followed by a QPIP, for three reasons:
    • Tap into the collective wisdom of the entire community. Let’s exchange ideas to come up with the best plan.
    • This will boost community activity and engagement.
    • Most importantly, it’s about rebuilding the community’s trust. I don’t want to sound repetitive, but so far, there hasn’t been enough evidence to demonstrate competence in marketing and understanding it. To be honest, it’s been the opposite.

I’m eager to support new ideas and move forward, but in my opinion, all these steps need to be phased and involve the community as much as possible.


good proposal, I support it :white_check_mark:

BUT I urge to focus on creating utility. we lack REAL UTILITY

One more point, community wants to see listing on Coinbase & Binance.
we need to see more exposure. Am sure whole community is ready to tackle any challenges you expose to them. You need to demonstrate plan for that.
let’s hope it’s QPIP-7 & you can allocate more tokens for this step.
Definitely, listing will:

  • Bring new buyers for the token
  • Increase token value
  • Bring more liquidity to ecosystem fund

Yes, on the effort to create an environment where the community actively supports and gains advantages through these extended initiatives.


I would like to see clear criteria for KOL’s past social media influencer dumped and eventually even turned against us. KOL partnerships greater than 1m tokens must require individual qpip’s

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I know people have probably read the marketing initiatives part of this proposal. But for me, the its the expanded development initiatives and in particular the infrastructure resilience I am VERY happy to see.


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I think we all appreciate the details in this proposal.

I would like to stress the importance of protocol development and third-party integration in order to carve out a solid use case. We need a clear vision on QRDO’s purpose within the larger scope of the ecosystem, including it’s potential use as a gas token. I believe we are on the right track with Warden and Fusionchain. I look forward to seeing how these elements will become intertwined.

I will be voting yes. We need to get things rolling while the timings good.

As a side note, I believe it would be good to have quarterly updates from the team regarding the the allocation of resources. I would appreciate having feedback on the success or failure of the allocations.


Makes a lot of sense to provide these reports. It will help towards transparency which has been much needed.


Very good news, don’t stop, keep going, qredo and warden, let’s get to work :muscle::muscle:

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It’s good to provide the rewards to attract the developer resources. I suggest we can use the ARB or OP to reduce the gas fee.

Very well articulated proposal. We now need well thought out and transparent execution

When will the 1M airdrop happen @luis?