Request to use some of the treasury funds for marketing agency

Im requesting some of the treasury to be used for hiring or outsourcing a marketihg company with a proven track record with developing crypto tokens from small start up to large companys. A company that gets and understands retail. As we have far to many tech heads that over complicate the simplest things in marketing and it has hindered our marketing for far to long. This need to change.

Outsourcing to specialised company is far better and less messy going forward.

Lets be honest the marketing has been shambolic at best, we failed to capitilise on the self custody narrative because we spent far to long trying to explain the difference between dpmc and mpc, ( no one gives a shit )

Couldnt get the new tokenomics update across properly with the importance of it or what it means to the network.

We dont make the community feel involved its just the same boring blog posts that has no one interested.

We dont know what our narrative is? No one does, the next big narrative is institutional adoption we are no where to be seen trying to capitilse on this, like other proojects are.

If the team dont want to spend the treasury on this setting up a group with some ogs and some team members will also help and we can make suggestions on what working for other cryptos.

This has been suggested before but has been shrugged off as the team know best? Well clearly your approach is not working so its time for change.


Looks like no one gives a shit about the token anymore

Отличное предложение, я только за.