[APPROVED] QPIP-0 - Adoption of Community Governance Guidelines

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With the continual growth and expansion of the Qredo Protocol, it is of utmost importance that we establish a robust, transparent, and democratic system for community decision-making, who will gradually take over control from the original team. This proposal, QPIP-0, seeks to officially adopt and implement our Community Governance Guidelines, marking a significant step in Qredo’s evolution towards decentralized governance.


The main driving force behind QPIP-0 is our desire to empower our community members, granting them significant influence over the network’s trajectory and development. The introduction of these guidelines is a crucial step towards a more participatory governance model where every QRDO token holder has a say.

Summary of the Community Governance Guidelines

The proposed Community Governance Guidelines outline a four-stage process for community decision-making:

Stage 1: Ideas & Discussion: This initial stage welcomes the contribution of ideas and proposals for discussion from all members of our community.

Stage 2: Preparatory Voting Proposals: Ideas gaining significant traction progress to this stage, where they are transformed into formal voting proposals for further deliberation.

Stage 3: Token Holder Consensus: Approved proposals advance to this stage for final approval by Qredo token holders via the Snapshot voting platform.

Stage 4: Qredo Board Ratification: Following the token holders’ consensus, the proposal moves to the Qredo Board for final review and ratification, giving, once approved, full legal standing to the result.

For a more detailed understanding of the Community Governance Guidelines, we encourage you to review the full text in the corresponding Forum section.


The adoption of these guidelines marks a significant milestone in our journey toward fully decentralized governance. We believe these procedures will ensure an effective and transparent decision-making process that truly represents the will of our Qredo community.


The start of the community governance era for Qredo Network


Looking forward to the first vote - encouraging everyone to register on snapshot.org


Looking forward to tne first vote and community governance, a massive step in the right direction


We are ahead of our time…it is hard being a trailblazer but ultimately that’s what qredo is.

It’s excellent to see commitments being met and exceeded.

Path to true decentralisation isn’t simple but we’re taking all the right steps :+1:


QPIP-0 Approved by 99,9%


Ready for QPIP-1 !

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QPIP-0 vote is over! QPIP-0 is approved!

This is a big day for @QredoNetwork: our first community vote (Adoption of Community Governance Guidelines) is over. QPIP-0 has been approved at 99.99%.:white_check_mark::ballot_box:

What’s next? :thinking:QPIP-1 to vote for our new Tokenomics. :rocket:

:point_right: The results: Snapshot

:point_right: The adopted Guidelines: [APPROVED] QPIP-0 - Adoption of Community Governance Guidelines - Protocol - Qredo Governance Community

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Bit my bit…piece by piece we move forward :socks: