[Final] QPIP-8 Rebranding Snapshot Space to Open Custody Protocol (OPEN)

Dear Qredonians / OPs,

We’re excited to share with you the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received regarding the transition from QRDO to the Open Custody Protocol (OPEN) from our community, partners, exchanges, wallets and data providers. This rebranding effort is moving ahead swiftly and with significant support, leading us to a pivotal moment in our journey together.

It’s now time to make an official change in our governance platform on Snapshot, aligning it with our new identity. To facilitate this, we deliberately allowed a grace period for our holders to arrange their QRDO / OPEN tokens in wallets compatible for voting, as the staking vaults will be phased out from the voting process. We believe the moment is ripe to introduce the final QPIP, marking the transition of our Snapshot space to reflect the Open Custody Protocol identity. This rebranding is not just a change in name but signifies our leap into a new era of community governance, henceforth to be known by OPIPs.

Understanding the importance of participation in this crucial phase, we are extending a few more days for our community members to transition their QRDO / OPEN tokens into wallets that support WalletConnect or Metamask. This ensures that everyone has the opportunity to be a part of this significant voting process.

Voting Schedule:

  • Start: Monday, 15th of April, 12 PM UTC
  • End: Tuesday, 16th of April, 12 PM UTC

We encourage each one of you to ensure your readiness to vote by setting up your wallets with your QRDO / OPEN tokens. Your participation is vital for us as we step into this new chapter together.

Thank you for your continuous support and commitment to our community’s growth and success.



To confirm…majority of community moves tokens to their web 3 wallet connect which is visible on the qredo platform…will this suffice for QPIP 8 VOTE and future votes? Thanks


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Any wallet that provides WalletConnect functionality and that works in Ethereum, works with Snapshot.

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Nice work with the grace period

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Is staking being phased out? Should we be unstaking our tokens and moving them to our wallet that supports WalletConnect? Or is it for us to decide which is better. i.e staking and receiving weekly staking rewards or voting on governance proposals.

To unstake their used to be an unbonding period of 21 days if I remember correctly. Has this been reduced to 0 days for the grace period?

What is the recommended course of action here?

Might as well, huh. We have gone all the way let’s take this small step too

What was the point of trying to increase staking participation with QPIP’s just to phase it out. This project makes no sense.

There are 2 different options on the staking participation. Increasing the staking participation allowed to increase the governance participation, which was interesting for participants to receive airdrops. This was achieved and voters received very meaningful airdrops.

It also allowed to have a more engaged community and active in governance.

Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t support staking anymore. Staking will resume in the OCP.

Staying Zen…Like a Rock!

some changes always better

So staking with Qredo vault is no longer an option and to participate in voting we need to move or Qredo bag to our designated web3 wallet?.. i need assistance as i am getting the attached error when trying to attach my wallet to snapshot… still awaiting a response from support