Changing Qredo to open

I have Qredo staked in the Qredo vault . Have I got to do anything with my Qredo tokens to change to open do I need to un-stake & some how convert them to the new open token? Will the current Qredo platform change to the rebrand (Open)

Qredo Platform will be discontinued by its new owners. QRDO token is OPEN now, no need for you to do anything to convert. We suggest you use a wallet that allows to connect to dApps to be able to stake and participate in Open Custody Protocol (OCP) and vaults are not one of them.

So I need to unstake my Qredo/open & move them to MetaMask or phantom wallet ? will this be moved to a Ethereum wallet address ? & how do I restake which platform can I stake on.

How do you exactly convert QREDO to OPEN on Qredo Station ?. I could not find any migration instruction, feel like we got rug pulled.

I have yet to see a clear answer on what we’re supposed to do with qredo tokens stored in the qredo wallet. They still show up as QRDO and have not been converted to OPEN. You would think this would be the first thing they would explain to users following the rebrand to open. Very frustrating.


Hi I’ve managed to move my Qredo out of there platform after 2 hours of working out how. it’s been moved to my MetaMask wallet but still showing as Qredo is this a problem ? & will this stop me from voting on open custody ?

I have the same question. Can we get a clear guide what to do with our Qredo tokens that are currently stored at QREDO station.

I got my Qredo tokens sent to my MetaMask wallet wasn’t easy but I managed to do it. It’s still showing on MetaMask with the Qredo logo so I I checked on etherscan says the contract address is open custody. As the Qredo never changed the contract address so I have open coin it’s just a rebrand.

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The Qredo network or (platform) has been abandoned. When I staked my Qredo a few months ago it said it will take 4 weeks to unsake (unbinding) & on unbinding don’t earn rewards in the unbinding period. I unbounded this morning & was done instantly. Also I never received any reward in past 4 weeks. You all need to get your Qredo (open) out of the Qredo network (platform) hope this will help some people.

I was finally able to send my QRDO to my defi wallet after messing around with whitelist settings in the Qredo vault. has already rebranded to open so I was able to set up an open receive address in the defi wallet and send everything to that.


Can u please tell me how

I managed to get my QRDO out of QRDO Platform into my Metamask account. From there, I connected my Metamask account to , and my QRDO balance showed up as OPEN in the staking UI, allowing me to stake it.
First, unstake all your QRDO on the QRDO platform if you’re staked. It was instant unstake for me. No need to wait.
Transfer some QRDO from your vault into QRDO Station. You need it to pay for the transfer fees to transfer OUT of QRDO platform. I dont have the math for this, but I xferred around 100 QRDO to QRDO Station to pay for 4000 QRDO to be xferred to metamask.

Next, go to Governance > Whitelist > Add Whitelist Address.
Select “Vault” as the wallet type. (I had an error when i used “Web3 Wallet”)
Enter an address name, then enter your metamask Ethereum wallet address into “Address”.
Under “Asset”, select “QRDO Token”.
Select “Apply to Portfolio” and select the portfolio where your QRDO is sitting in.
Go back to your Holdings > Portfolio > Vault > click on “Send”.
Under “From”, select the vault that your QRDO is sitting in.
Under “To”, select “Whitelisted Address”, and then select your metamask address.
Enter max amount. Click send.
Within a minute, the QRDO is in my metamask. Now go to OPEN staking page and link your metamask account. You can use your QRDO to stake.
Hope this helps someone… Good luck!