$Qrdo token rebrand - with launch of new open source chain - qpip discussion

Since are now separating the Qredo Web App from the chain, and launching a new open chain which ensures the decentralisation and transparency of the protocol layer, it is quite apparent that we as token holders would benefit enormously from the development of an ecosystem on this new chain. Therefore, Qredo will hopefully in the future become the genesis project and one of many web3 apps that exist and function through this new chain - with the token being the gas token that underpins the utility.

For me, it doesn’t make sense to keep the token branded as QRDO. Lets face it, the token is a little toxic and there is a confusing narrative. With the launch of the new chain and branding for it in alignment with but with clear separation from the Qredo Ltd entity (from a visuals and narrative perspective), why don’t we consider relaunching the token under a new name? My suggstion is QREED CHAIN and $QREED token.

I can already see the memes being generated by the Hero Club… :sparkling_heart:

There will need to be a bridging or new TGE event anyway since the ERC20 version of the token will need to be ported over to cosmos. Perhaps this gives us an opportunity to relaunch. Supply, tokenomics etc all stay the same, but the name changes and with it a fresh start/chart. A Q-REDO if you will…

Could we spark a friendly discussion?


This is a fantastic idea. A new beginning and direction for the blockchain.

This is a chance to start over, fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

Cleanse qrdo of the old stigma and work towards a new open source and brighter future


A rebrand would be very good for the project.


Great idea in my opinion.
New beginning, new focused direction.
The band recognition of qredo is very small as is,a rebrand would give it a new breath of life.


I wholeheartedly support the proposal for rebranding the asset with the launching of a new open chain. In light of the current shift toward Fusion and the commitment to staying innovative and relevant, a refreshed identity would potentially better align with the current strategic objectives, resonate more effectively with the target audience, hence being 99% down, and create a positive impact on overall brand perception.


I do not support this idea! The whole team is focused now on fusion chain because $qrdo is an erc20 token and they need to use it in a cosmos ecosystem, all the work the team has made so far was specifically to integrate $qrdo into the cosmos ecosystem.

We cannot just erase the whole history of $qrdo, they changed the tokenomics 2-3 times already and went almost bankrupt, now release a new token? What idiot will invest into it knowing Qredo is behind it?

You clearly didn’t read the post. It’s not a new token. It’s a rebrand. Like Matic are doing with Poly.

I get it mate, but my point is all these “tricks” to make token look better won’t have any effect, people will always remember how bad qredo fucked up regardless of the token name, I’d rather want to see them allocating all resources on providing utility and buying pressure to our rekt $qrdo

I like the idea of a rebrand, as the product itself is really good. Ive been using it for two years now and never had an issue. But im not into the name QREED :frowning: i think a total rebrand is needed

You need to make a new system as example maximum and totalamount of coins must be around 150-200million max, lets say new qrdo as rebranded as Nqrdo ,old qrdo holders must take at least %60 of the 200million new tokens ,%10 to dev team,rest %30 is buyable and circulated amount example.Unlock all tokens of old qrdo ,check wallets how much you need to distribute,the main thing is you need to gain trust of crypto community again,the worst tokenomics and unlock period times was designed for old qrdo.You need to arrange a good convert ratio to old qrdo to Nqrdo,so people who fucked up and bought waiting till 3-5 dolars range as per qrdo
For my opinion unlock all tokens first at old qrdo lets see how much 0.xxxx will go after think about rebranding, i dont expect big whales enter for buying at this trust issue+2 billion amount of total coins but it can worth a last try.