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We envision as the go-to community hub for public statistics related to the QRDO token and Qredo Network. Crafted and molded by our community’s collective insights. We’re starting this thread to initiate discussions about the future enhancements of

Do keep in mind that this project is a community-driven initiative, relying solely on public information for its content.

We look forward to get your feedback and wishes regarding the future iterations of this page - that the community will be helping to drive and co-construct.


Feedback from the community on Telegram - I do not approve or disapprove this, this is purely feedback. I post it for transparency and be able to answer those points (and let community comment as well).

Quote from community member:

  • explorer has different numbers in transactions of qrdo info site
  • circulating number in qrdo info site doesn’t work as live number, which needs correction everyday.
  • once you click on fund wallets, you get tx addresses. you look for it in eth scan you can’t find it
  • the site should add help button to explain many info. new traders will join Qredo network. they need to learn

Cumulative data isn’t the right way to show txn volume - need to show MOM so users can assess trend changes. Important transparency here and to not skew data


Is there a way to visualise on a dashboard like this?

This way it doesn’t look like another 65% of circulating supply can still hit the market



The team is already working on this! Including more clear information on what amount comes from the vesting.
Thanks for the contribution.


First off I like the page…it’s clean and the interface is sound

The idea of having a one stop shop for data is appreciated

For it to carry weight it needs external ratification…again we have no way of reconciling the data is factually sound (that I know of)

Hard to complete trend analysis with cumulative data…would appreciate month on month view

The burn amount…I’d like to understand how that has been calculated…is this the 134k…at 2 qrdo transaction fee so around 67k transactions

A good start all but could be updated and improved still

When will we be able to see this data via an external party e.g. crypto or equivalent?

Cheers…nice progress :muscle:

Some updates already! See below what we did.

Page updates as per requested by the community:

  • We modified as suggested the supply %

  • We also put more clarity on the graphic to see what $QRDO are in fact in Circulating Supply, Locked, Vested

  • We added the “Contribute” link for everyone to come here and be able to share feedback

Answer regarding Data discrepancies

  • Data is updated manually for now, using the available data

  • You can check the date when the data was updated on the top of the page


I would like to thank the team for implementing many ideas from community.
It’s been astonishing how fast the team changed many points.

Anyway, I do have a suggestion.
The deflationary chart should be changed. it should demonstrate as cumulative chart. because the data of burn numbers are increasing. it’s not logic nor good to show burn in one month as 235m tokens and next month as 141k tokens. the chart will look less attractive. it should show data since first burn year ago and make it as cumulative

thank you


another point, please fix the transaction chart. it should not be cumulative.
it’s good to show it as non-cumulative

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Hi all - thanks for the feedback you’ve given us to date. As the team have said, the development of this is going to be community driven so do please keep the feedback coming.

I would group requests into two buckets:

  1. Enhancements
  2. New Features

Please do share your views for the next set of improvements

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The page was updated with cumulative chart for burn. :white_check_mark:

Based on community request, here is a topic to continue to discuss:

Add non cumulative view for the data (example: monthly bar charts for burns, transactions, allowing to compare month to month)


Yes this has been requested over and over and over again.

It is very difficult to make out how the network is performing and do any kind of analysis with cumaltive transactions. It obscures bad months and present a meaningless number

The team has claimed multiple times they want to be transparent but when the request to remove cumaltive transactions, the reporting of cumaltive transactions on social media they act as if we said nothing. We are not stupid please do not treat us as such.

We just want to keep tabs on how the network is performing and if we are worried we can index it against the general market.


Yes please remove cumulative charts or at least add non-cumulative ones.
The current chart is not very useful to see network activity change as by definition it cannot go down.

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We need to see month on month charts, these are ridiculous it gives the impression that you are trying to skew numbers?

We also need plug in to defilama and crypto fees we talked about this last year.

How can we educate people without basic information


Please can we have a non cumaltive burn chart as the numbers are so small each month it’s hard to see how much has been burned each month.

I don’t understand one person asked for a cumaltive charts and it’s done instantly yet nearly everyone in this forum has asked for the cumaltive transaction to be changed to monthly figures and it is ignored

For the sake of transparency please explain why?

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Hi, yes I agree the website needs to be fleshed out with some more accurate and diverse data. As we are seeing a migration to open chain it would be good to get clarity here from @luis or @Josh-Qredo who can give us some further info on a potential timeline for some more development into the community page and/or the block explorer. I would love to see more info akin the Ultra Sound Money website. LFG

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Any update on the removal of cumaltive charts and monthly figures.

Also is there any update on Dune Analytics