[AMA] New tokenology - ask your questions (28.07.23)

Hello everyone !

Following the recent publication of the new Tokenology framework and the soon to be QPIP-1 addressing the new Tokenomics for QRDO, our team members, Josh Goodbody and Ulla Rone, will be hosting an AMA on Twitter this Friday (28.07.2023). Feel free to ask any questions you may have in this discussion below!

:point_right:As a reminder, you can find the current discussions and proposals by the Community regarding the future QPIP-1 at: QRDO Tokenology
:point_right:For more information on the Tokenology paper, please refer to the following link: https://www.qredo.com/qredo-tokenology.pdf
:point_right:To read the Tokenology Article, visit: Qredo Releases New QRDO Tokenology
:point_right:For details about the Tokenology Framework, check out: Qredo Releases QRDO Tokenology Framework and Summary


because the team tokens have been unlocked too?, Due to the current price, this measure creates more uncertainty and an image of the team in which it seems that the commitment is not up to the situation.

unlock tokens go directly to staking, how long are these tokens held and how do we know they won’t dump on the market?

because the measure of unlocking the tokens has been taken now that we practically do a daily atl and it was not taken more than a year ago? The community has always asked for a modification of the tokenomics, but this decision at this moment does not seem the most appropriate

Why doesn’t Qredo LTD spend the +100M$ it earned on $QRDO to save $QRDO?
1M$/5M$/10M$ $QRDO buybacks from the exchanges would have a huge impact on investor confidence.
The bought back $QRDOs could be burned/stake pooled/used in events to distribute to the community/locked for a few years.

this way $QRDO can easily enter the Top 300


The tokenology paper references the Global DeFi TVL which has remained stable throughout the bear market. Can Josh touch on why he thinks Defi will succeed and why qrdo and its respective new tokenology is uniquely positioned to capitalize on exponential growth in this arena?

"At the heart of this breakthrough lies a Cosmos-based
evolution of the Qredo blockchain paired with a zero
knowledge (ZK) ledger that can prove the validity of its
state to any third party that can verify a zero knowledge
proof – in essence, a “universal ZK-rollup’’ - can you explain this further

Do the team have any plans to reward bagholders who will be diluted at more rapid rate than anticipated in the initial token papers? We are going against earlier commitments…admittedly for the better but they’re shifting goal posts nonetheless

Would the team consider vesting everything apart from team tokens so we can move to a deflationary model more quicky?

What % of services fess go to OPEX vs Tipped Fees/Ecoysystem. How do you define tipped fees?

The reward funding formula is complex - can you explain to be like im a five year old

The allocations now include the 2nd billion (unlike the first paper) optically challenging as team/investor allocation was much higher - why the change in the paper vs original?

protocol fees - will we be able to publish on cryptofees.info - if so when?

why are protocol fees denominated in qrdo and not usdt?

when do we anticipate seeing material demand to avoid further ATL prices?


Looking forward to the AMA tomorrow

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as always great comments and BD energy


Can you go into detail the plan for getting builders to build app on Qredo chain

I see two things in the tokenomics paper

Qredo V2 and Qredochain 2.0 the universal kz layer…

Are these two different things or the same?

Being built on tendermint will it be easy for apps built on other cosmos chains to deploy to Qredo

When will Qredo start integrating with more chains as it is essential Qredo offers more products and choices than other custody platforms?

Is there a plan in the bear future aka the next 3 months or a single Qredo day to let us transfer between exchanges use chains other than Eth due to gas fees. I will not use your on ramp because the fees are ridiculous compared with on ramps on Exchanges.

Will we get another roadmap soon?

Can we get a long term roadmap like what Qredo plan over the next 3-5 years. You are asking holders to wait 3 years for the token to become deflationary yet you have given no vision maps on the next 3 years to let us know if it’s worth the ride.

Will Qredo do incentive fund or innovative competition for Devs where they have a set time period to build an app or come up with an alpha. The best alpha wins Qredo grant. We must be smarter and more agile than other blocks simple grants to some uniswap clone ain’t going to cut it. Find and encourage web 2 developers, there is a lot of great Devs dwalding in nft projects that are going under let’s try and recruit them

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We provided some answers gathered for the AMA and in the Tokenology thread here:

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Team tokens remain with double the vesting schedule as in the previous tokenomics update

Some questions received by community members recently (and their answers):

Q1: After implementing both protocol and service fees in full, will the entire transaction become billable? According to your tokenology, 80% are not billable. Please elaborate.

Answer: Wallet creations, policy updates, approvals, etc. these are non-billable as on service fees.

Q2: If the community voted to increase burn per transaction to 3 QRDOs, will you accept it?

Answer: We could, but there are things to think in relation to this. Adding high transactional costs would impact some of the current projects building, making Qredo Network less attractive and effectively pushing them out into other blockchains. A debate would need to be created.

Q3: Is the volume from Ankex over qredo for derivative transactions included in service fees?

Answer: Trading volume is independent. Ankex uses Qredo Network for settlements of PNL with its users, not the trading volumes, as it is a derivatives exchange.

Q5: When will ecosystem fund start buying from market?

Q7: When will fees be forced on whole customers? Some customers didn’t pay any cent yet. It looks like not forced yet. Why is that?

Answer (for Q5 / Q7): During Q4 will see the enforcement of service fees to users. From this moment is when all of the mechanisms will get activated.

Q6: When will you announce the roadmap of Qredo? As most of current items have been implemented?

Answer: This is something that needs to be discussed and announced at a later stage this year.

Q9: What will equity investors get? Are they getting 70% of the service fees or what? We need to know what belongs to us what belong to them.

Answer: Equity investors will not get fees directly. This is not how companies work. All service fees belong to Qredo Ltd group. Qredo will tip to the network a % as disclosed.

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