A new beggining for $QRDO and for the token holders

Hello everyone,

It’s been an extremely tough time for all the token holders, as $QRDO has been absolutely decimated, falling 99.5% from its all-time high. The main issue is that it looks like a failed Ponzi scheme, so anyone in their right mind would hesitate to invest in it. That’s why I propose a new beginning.

I’m considering a fresh start for QRDO, given its current state and the concerns people have shared about it being a scam.

My idea involves rebranding QRDO to a new token, multiplying its value by 100, thus reducing the supply from 1.6 billion to 16 million tokens. The new tokens would be distributed to current holders and VCs according to their existing QRDO holdings, starting at $5 (5c-current price * 100) as of now per token.

I’m looking forward to your thoughts about it.

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Thanks for sharing this idea. It would be very good to see other community member opinions about this.

The multiplication of the value of the token not sure if it could really bring additional value. It would be good to listen more to the reasons and expected results for this proposal.

Really appreciate sharing this idea here in the forum.

The qrdo tocken brand is toxic hence it’s performance Vs others

Whilst I like the idea above…i’s a little bit ‘emperors new clothes’ and changes v little

What are the benefits?

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  • Starting from scratch with a clean chart, erase all the shamefull history of qrdo (the ogs will remember but new members won’t which is good since our goal is to recover from this mess even if that requires a rebranding.

  • Have a 10x lower supply 16mil which will become deflationary in a few years is way easier to digest than having 1.6billions with a token that worths 4 cents

  • No more fud, people won’t be able to complain much longer, hence we can attract new investors

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Ah I see so a full relaunch with a new name too?

Clearly a new name, a catchy one.

I think Qredo just need to change the narrative not the token. Currently the token is viewed as negatively due to vesting of VC and team tokens.

The team need to pivot into narrative it’s a high value L2 multi chain network with increasing transactions and a Custody solution. Focus on getting clear data and publishing figures that can be backed by third party.

As previously stated freezing team vesting and the senior members locking up there already vested tokens for the next 4-5 years will help public perception and remove doubt that they will just sell there millions of tokens when any liquidity comes back. The fear is putting any money into this token is that VCs and team members will sell into any liquidity.

So change the narrative not the token name

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