Incentives through Badges/XP points

Hi all,

Having read the discussions on here regarding the state of QREDO, I’d love to hear everybody’s thoughts on implementing an incentive layer for the community.

I’ve dived into the likes of $Turbo and the NounsDAO prop house and have seen a few ideas regarding non-financialized community incentives that could be used for various reasons which would be beneficial for the QREDO community. Some examples include the following.

I propose that QREDO uses Metopia to issue claimable soulbound tokens (free + gas fee) to the community in order to track activity around proposals, thus establishing an on-chain contribution and loyalty system for the ecosystem.

The activity would include raising proposals, voting on proposals, and winning proposals. Users would be eligible to claim soulbound tokens if they participate in one or more of these three activities.

The primary goal of this contribution and loyalty system is to increase participation and engagement within the the Qredo community by reducing existing barriers to entry while incentivizing users to be active members.

Some resourceful information can be found below. Metopia are the brains behind the community incentive program. Would love to hear your thoughts!

I’m connected with the team as I met them in Denver, so feel free to reach out!

Nouns DAO proposal: “Putting contributions on-chain”

$Turbo proposal: Prop House


Qredo can’t even deliver what they have promised on time, obviously their workrate is slow and they are understaffed, even if they pretend they have 200 employers

Long story short this will be distraction for them and another reason to delay delivering more important stuff.

Maybe bring this up after they deliver roadmap :wink:

Hello @shadow,

Thanks for the feedback and the ideas :).

We can totally discuss it. I started to build different type of roles already on the Discord to see what could be the different type of names, engagements and categories that we could use to help the community to engage itself in what you envision.

I think we can start to discuss this type of behaviours on-chain (vote, loyalty) and off-chain (tutorials, community help, support) by following things like the Berlin Code of Conduct and get inspired by existing DAOs as you just highlighted it.

Feel free to contact me or the team to get to explore what you envision and ideas, and build something together for the Qredo Community.

Vincent (Kesha)


This sounds amazing, what’s the best way to get in touch with you? I’d love to start ideating with you?

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You can contact KeshaVince on Telegram !

Great to see active engagement here Shadow :slight_smile:

We need more of it brother. Let’s get some momentum going shall we ?

The ideas about loyalty is good, we clearly need to talk more about this for 2024 and forward

What say you @fathercryptmas ?

Cheers !!