Airdrop for $QRDO Stakers

There may be a narrative disorder, focus on the main idea

The Cosmos ecosystem is famous for airdrops, investors trust the project and stake their tokens because of the possibility of airdrops.
In this way, the circulating supply decreases and natural demand increases, thus creating very good marketing.


Airdrop → Staking
↑ ____________ ↓
income ← Increase in demand

That’s why I propose airdrop efforts/partnerships for $QRDO stakers. the upcoming dynemsion or namada projects could be the first partnership

minimum staking required for airdrop = 100$ worth of QRDO

Dex liquidity for $QRDO
No liquidity for 2 years, the era of stalling must end

Adding data to such as what % of the supply is on the platform and what % is in the stakes, adding how much revenue the platform generates, automatically updating other data daily/weekly so that the community can easily follow it

Qredo explorer
ui change and all information can be easily tracked

In-platform swap should be opened to everyone

And more importantly than all of this, the team should come out and announce what they are working on and where they are at.
We want to learn positive/negative news from the team instead of the block.


This has some great ideas, i would suggest also an LP pool on Kujira for qrdo.


Some great ideas. I would love to see the teams opinion on some of these things and get more feedback on Community suggestions

I have long requested an air drop for the community

It would feel morally justified to airdrop the qrdo hodlers and stakers who actually purchased qrdo. The original tokenomics were based on volume and utility…we have neither

There should be restoration for community bagholders who have been rekt by rampant inflation and zero token demand.

Fusion chain gives the opportunity to radically change the current tokenomics…not the odd burn…radical change


Chasing airdrops and distributing free tokens through that can create buzz and bring new hodlers when marketed correctly.

Staking and Locking incentives as deflationary measures can create a positive feedback loop where more users may be attracted to the project as the price increases.

2024 should be the year the project turns things around as the overall market conditions are expected to improve.

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Good thing that we will see things happening with airdrops w/ Warden.

Great ideas !!