Airdrop reward increase

As qrdo/open investors, we are still getting crushed. The first airdrop for Ward doesn’t look very profitable given the current circumstances. Qrdo / open name change logo change rebranding after tons of question marks in the head I think the team should now reward real investors.

my suggestion: increase the rewards by adjusting the whale/small investor balance well. given what has happened over the years and given that ward was founded with the support of the foundation, the teams should sacrifice a little and increase the rewards.
While I can’t say for sure because we don’t know the details yet, this is also the case for zenrock. instead of feeding the vc/whales, they should reward small/medium investors for all their sacrifices. Vc/whales have already profited enough from insider information, now it’s time for real investors to profit.

Dear Muhammad,

Firstly your airdrop isn’t even allocated yet - and when it is, it is at zero cost basis meaning its infinite profit: but in terms of the secures of the launch? Thats to come and it’s looking amazing. Secondly, increasing the rewards… do you mean the staking? There is some info coming shortly about a new staking platform that should help in this regard. Thirdly, claiming people are profiting from insider trading is a strong comment. I would however say, the token is down hard. Many many VCS would invested cash are down money too. Some hugely. But; we are all invested in this project so you can do your part by engaging here in the forum in a positive way and look to support by retweeting and commenting on socials on a constructive manner. Thanks FC


thanks, when I checked considering that the qrdo foundation financed the project and the price drop, the drop is not encouraging for the old holder. For those who bought at the atl and sold after the drop, yes, it was a good opportunity, they have zero costs, but this is not the case for the holders, the amount given remains low even when the warden comes out with a high valuation.
While different projects can drop high from projects that are not related to them, it is bad for me that a project supported by qrdo drops so low.

I have to respectfully disagree. If you engaged the governance forum and voted on every vote and staked throughout the warden you receive is most likely at Genesis and launch worth more than your current balance of OPEN in fist value, I personally am extremely happy with the airdrop of warden. Now, I’m not happy with the price of OPEN and that obviously can be worked on. So I encourage everyone to show some love and get supporting OPEN and quit whining.

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Yes I realized why some people are satisfied with the airdrop amount
Although I participated in all the votes, there is a 29x difference between me and the one who holds the big qrdo amount, while there is a 150x difference between the airdrop amount. I think this is a clear answer that the team continues to fill the pockets of vc/friends instead of making fair distribution.

If we ward calculate from $ 0.2 the whale/vc/teamfriends saves 4/1 of its money, while I get 14/1. Very cool congratulations team

Congratulations on what? The price is tending to 0

I guess you didn’t read what I said.

They distributed most of the Warden airdrop to their own wallets.

Most of their users use kucoin, probably because the team wanted to sell their assets on other exchanges, so for 2 months the users couldn’t access their assets.

The distribution of the airdrop amount, the closure of kucoin for almost 2 months and the price going to zero explains everything.

Sorry, to jump in here… but my OPEN assets are tied up in my Qredo web3 wallet and I am having a hard time transfering them to my MM wallet. Every time I attempt to do so, I get a failed transaction notice. Any assistance is much appreciated. Really want to get them staked…