It is clear that the responses on the QPIP4 discussion about vesting all tokens immediately has caused a stir. Opinions are very divided about the idea of fully vesting all tokens immediately for fear that trust will be lost with community. Due to this, I would like to propose a discussion on another alteration that may help mitigate the inflation rate. We could consider asking team to double the vesting schedule period which would half the inflation rate - coupling that with the new QPIP3 protocol fee adaptation of 5 $QRDO per transaction this would bring us to a deflationary narrative much faster. Would this be something that people would be happier to get behind?

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For me…it’s time to back the last iteration of the tokenology…it was evidently well thought out.

We can’t ask for accelerated vesting one week and delayed vesting the next…

Qrdo utility should be tailored accordingly to the mechanics of the current Tokenology

No more tweaks or changes to vesting unless the team feel it is necessary for the longevity/prosperity of the project

Our efforts should now be focussed on positively supporting their efforts and progress and getting the community back on track