Halt Vesting Process Pending Full Release of Fusion Chain and Involvement of the Third-Party Validators

Subject: Proposal to Mitigate Current Project Challenges

Dear Team,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am writing to address the critical challenges our project is currently facing. It has come to my attention that the project is in a precarious situation, primarily due to sustained dumping activities in the absence of an effective utility mechanism. This has resulted in the $qrdo token experiencing a significant decline in value, nearly 100% down from its all-time high. Understandably, this has adversely impacted investor confidence and interest.

In light of these circumstances, I would like to propose a strategic pause in the vesting process. This pause would remain in effect until such time as the fusion chain successfully reaches the mainnet phase, and we have the involvement of third-party validators. I firmly believe that this course of action is necessary to stabilize the project’s trajectory and to rebuild investor trust.

I urge you to give this proposal your earnest consideration. I recommend that we expedite the process of bringing this proposal to a vote. Timely action is crucial to navigate these challenges effectively and to set a positive course for our project’s future.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to a constructive discussion.

Warm regards,


A company that is desperate need of funding shouldn’t be considered penalizing the previous investors

What kind of message would that send?

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Vesting was already nearly doubled in time in the first tokenomics revision.

Investors shouldn’t be penalised. Also withdrawals from vesting has not been so large as discussed previously.

Probably the faster the tokens vest, the quicker there will be room to grow.

Meanwhile is all about locking tokens, boosting utility and reducing supply.

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