2024 QRDO hodlers to the moon one way or another!

Happy new year heros. $QRDO hodlers will be rewarded. I can feel it in my bones. LFG.


Hey Josh you got drunk got high and after 25 days wishing us happy new year,what kind of weed is it?Btw we going to 0.01$ whats the plan ?you will put your 10 million dolars to buy all 1 billion amount tokens? 10million dolars is nothing after massive sale for 2 years aint it? i hope your money didnt finished yet.Have fun

The ship will not be so easy to turn around but the good thing about a Community driven project through Governance and votes… is that we have a little say in it.

It is easy to say that the ball is in their court and move the blame away from the investors but at the same time, we need to help the team with new Qpips proposals and ideas. Thus, we need to help bring the community over here and engage in new ideas.


Brother, we need to get this place active. All the energy we put on Telegram and such is kind of wasted in repetitive statements instead of here with actual feedback that the team reads and engage with.